MeditaNaRua goes far beyond global gatherings

It also mobilizes the media, showing that meditation is easy and for everyone. In just one year and a half, MeditaNaRua (Street Meditation) has generated news stories, notes and articles in various print and digital media in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Norway. Check out part of our clipping here!


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Enterview | TV Cultura

Enterview | TV Cultura | Brazil

Guia da Folha | Brazil

Guia da Folha | 29.09.2017 | pg. 84

Jornal Extra Mexico

Jornal Extra Mexico | Setembro de 2017

Revista Vida Simples | Brazil

Revista Vida Simples | setembro 2017

Curta Mais | Belo Horizonte

Curta Mais | Belo Horizonte | MG | Brazil

Guia do Estadão | Brazil

Guia do Estadão | 29.09.17 | pg. 66

Arendal – Norway

Arendal Norway

Brasília | DF | Brazil
Pirassununga | SP | Brazil