Imagine a movement in which thousands of people get together to create more peace and unity in the world!

A totally inclusive movement that unites people from different countries, languages, beliefs and ages. Imagine the wave of love that spreads throughout the world when all these people connect in silence.

This is real! This is MeditaNaRua (Street Meditation), and we invite you to be a part of it!

MeditaNaRua (Street Meditation) was born in April 2017, when some friends got together to perform collective meditations in public spaces. When we opened the invitation to more people and began to spread the word, we had a wonderful surprise! Many people wanted to be part of it and take Street Meditation to their cities. And so, in the first meeting, on June 11, 2017, there were 8 countries and 61 cities! We received many inspirational testimonials, stunning photos, beautiful words of thanks and many, many requests saying: “I want more”. How could we not continue?


We continued to follow the call from the heart, articulating and welcoming new cities and countries, more and more people joined in and we reached all the continents of the planet! In the 3 editions of the Global Gathering, there were 100 cities from 18 countries! Thousands of people! Over 36 different meditation practices together! In Brazil, all regions got involved!


It is unbelievable the power of a good idea when we add love and dedication! It's wonderful to see so many people choosing to co-create the world they want.


Do you want to be part of this change?
Come along! Your choosing to participate means a lot to us.